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2011 Focus SE instrument cluster problem


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United States
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2011 Focus SE
As I stated in my introduction I recently picked up a 2011 SE. Car is in excellent shape except for a problem with the instrument cluster. Ever so often the TPMS light and chime will come on, and the message center states "Tire Monitoring Failure", and when that pops on the green turn signal dash lights don't light up and I don't hear the clicking sound when using the signals Signals on the front and rear of the car blink as normal. Then the problem disappears for a short while.

I did pull the cluster and looked it over for any obvious signs of a problem. I didn't see any and put a thin coat of dielectric grease on the posts on the cluster and plugged it back in. I worked fine for about a week or so and then the problem showed backup.

Is this a known issue with this cluster, and if so what causes it? Considering sending it to a shop that specializes in repairing instrument clusters, is it worth doing?