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Sync LED screen went blank and radio not working


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2012 Ford Focus SEL 4 door sedan
I have a 2012 Ford Focus SEL 4 door sedan. My touch screen on the SYNC2 has gone blank. No radio when the screen is blacked out. After starting the car several times the sync2 screen came on and radio worked again. After a week the screen went blank again. I read on a forum to disconnect the current senser plug on the negative battery cable to fix problems. Doing that seemed to solve all my problems with transmission, startup and sync screen startup. I updated the sync 2 with the upgrade from Ford website while the sync 2 screen was working for the 2 months. Also, I updated navigation card.

I started the car today and the SYNC 2 screen is not coming on and the radio is not working. When the APIM is going bad, will that make the radio stop working also?

Someone told me it was the radio ACM that went bad and not the APIM, but why is touch screen not coming on if the problem is in the radio receiver.

I need advice on which part needs to be replaced from the junk yard. I can't afford new APIM or Radio ACM parts at the dealership.

Also, please answer my question: "When the APIM is going bad, will that make the radio stop working also?"
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