2013 Focus Sync Issue


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2013 Focus SE
I bought a 2013 Focus SE about 5 months ago and ever since day one I have had sync issues. I have researched online a lot about sync and different issues, but still a bit stumped. So my problem is sync when you click the steering wheel button it will respond to voice but is unable to carry out the commands. Also when you try to access sync settings through the radio interface menu the phone button does nothing when you push it and when you try to access the different sync functions in the menu they also will not open up.

I have the basic sync system without navigation, I have disconnected the battery, pulled the sync fuse, reseated the sync connector , still makes no difference towards fixing the issues above. Also the usb port even when my phone is connected will only charge nothing else, sync bluetooth doesn't even work, so is it safe to say the sync module is bad then?

The radio itself works fine, the cd player works, the steering controls work, just anything sync related doesnt seem to.

If I were to replace the radio unit with an aftermarket one, would I still be able to retain my steering wheel controls and voice commands?

Sorry for the questions just trying to figure this thing out, thanks.