Side mirrors fasteners


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2005 Focus
Hi, I live in a busy part of the city with narrow streets and I have no driveway, so gotta park in the street.
Driver side mirror has been smashed off before, and when I installed a replacement I lost one of the 3 screws, so it's been hanging on by just 2 screws (car is a 2005 ZX4)
Has been ok that way, but the mirror got smashed off again last night. Sigh.....
I'm hoping at least the 2 screws I used are still in there, but I'm wondering where I could get a new set of all 3 fasteners.
Am I going to have to go to a Ford dealership for this?
Was considering taking the passenger side one apart and taking the fasteners to a hardware place and trying to match up usable replacements.
Any ideas for me? Where to get those 3 fasteners that hold the side mirrors on....
Thanks a bunch in advance!
Tampa, FL
2005 black ZX4

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