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possible transmission issues

United States
What I Drive
2013 ford focus
hello all im in need of help because as you may know theres alot of material out there for this part of the car on the focus lol im a electrician, good with my hands just not when it comes to cars lol

2 months ago replaced a wheel bearing, rear driver side. as soon as i noticed it was failing i replaced it, wasnt to bad. shortly after the nice new loose wheel bearing was on, when i would turn left a small grinding noise would happen. now its got to to the point its very loud and i can slightly feel the floor rattle on left and right turns . only happens in what im guessing is 1st-2nd gears on slow, more gradual actually, turns. and if i stop gassing it then reapply the gas it will not grind (been turning in neutral when i can seems to not grind) so basically thats it and like i said im not very versed in cars , i do know failing wheel bearings can cause issues in axels and such but the hours ive put into research have been pointless. turns out there is so so so so much more in there that could plausibly be the issue than i thought and other than replacing parts i cant afford and hardly have time for i dont know where to go . im assuming its the hub or my axel but if somebody out there with proper experience reads this and has time to reply youd be a big help.
thank you