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Transmission Error Code PO809-00 2017 Ford Focus


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2017 Ford Focus SE
Hi all,
I have a 2017 Focus SE with 105k miles, automatic. Today when accelerating to get onto the freeway my car's engine went really high on the RPM's quickly, shook violently back and forth, and there was a loud snapping sound. This was immediately followed by a check engine light and a notification to pull over and wait 5 minutes due to the Transmission overheating. I took it into the mechanic and they scanned it and came back with PO809-00, Clutch Position Sensor A "Circuit Interrupted, Not Current DTC Warning Lamp On." They said they don't work on transmissions but gave me the name and phone number of a Transmission shop who could work on it.

How expensive would it be to get this fixed? Considering the price of cars today, is it worth it? I know These cars are notoriously known for the DCT Tranny issue, but I'm not really sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Handy Andy

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Might want to see if there is a hole left behind from the Clutch and Actuator Circuit "A" - Check to see if its - still left in the car.

When the "Violent" moment is experienced like that - a gear never upshifted - and so it ran until it became misbalanced from the sheer RPM is had to endure from that - since it couldn't upshift to another gear it sets this code - it's electronically shifted, not the older hydraulics which took care of itself - this may be better to replace the entire transmission than to try and see if anything survived. Seals failing and internal damages are not going to let the transmission continue to provide service.

As far as costs?

The DCT transmission is covered under a 5-year 50,000-mile warranty type of thing - but if you went over that already then that offset can't apply.

But DCT's because of their "unique-ness" and their electrical demands - the service life is limited to the ability to withstand torques (or abuse) placed on the parts - actuators and gearing - the vehicle has to take a moment and slow down (decelerate) so it can release the torque pressed into the gears - to find enough power to pull and push using those actuators to accomplish this.

So, like a manual needs a clutch to help with some shift points - these also fall into that category - only a "robot" is supposed to do this job for the cost of current supplied thru the power delivery system and its' reserve - hint: Alternator, Regulation, Voltage-drop and Battery capacity.

The Tranny can be gotten for about $1,000 to as low as $750 in Midwest states and even lower if location is close-by and you and some friends are willing to do the pull off the junked wreck to do this - else the Labor costs are going to make or break this car and whether it stays in your driveway or belongs somewhere else.

Putting it in - is the problem. Labor and friends to do it - can get expensive to motivate.
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