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Hoping for help..



Hi everybody..

This place was recommended to me by various ppl in the U.K

Ok, i have had a ST around 5 yrs ago and had the dreaded P1518 error on the dash.
Back then, it was under warranty and was fixed by Ford - although i am aware what the problem is...

So 6 months back , after driving Golf GTI's for a few years , i have gone back to an ST.

And..... you guessed it... same issue as the car previous..
this time i have bought a replacement IMRC unit and had it fitted and the code goes away for a few days and then comes back again... this time i bought myself a code reader and for the very first time its bringing up a 2nd error to do with oxygen sensor (i didnt read it properly before i reset them both again with my code reader.)

What i would like to know is...

Do i now need to fit a new 02 sensor AS WELL. or do i disconnect battery to reset ecu?
Not alot of garages over here know much about this apart from Ford, who are a no no - when it comes to fixing my car.

If anybody could help/advise me - i would be so appreciative :)