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Engine Light?


New Member
United Kingdom
What I Drive
Ford focus 1.6
Hi first post don’t know all the terms and mechanical words sorry. A week ago the car was shaking a bit, engine light would come on but would go straight back off, there was oil in the spark plug well, have had a new gasket head cover fitted and new spark plugs 2 days ago but now the engine light has come on and is staying on? Just wondering if this could be another issue?
The garage did say it needs driving for a bit for the light to go off but it was off and the car is still shaking a bit. Can’t really afford anymore work done on it for a couple weeks so thought I’d ask here first. It’s a 55 plate Focus zetec 1.6 on about 75k miles. Owned it 2 years so not sure on past history. Happy to not drive it and wait till can fix it if needed.