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I picked up a 2001 SE Split port with only 55K miles from my 90 year old neighbor. Garage kept. She gave me all the maintenance records. Everything was maintained per the book. Timing belt, water pump, fluids, etc. Body is exceptional. Today while I was idling in my driveway, it threw a rod! I am not sure yet that a valve did not drop causing the failure. All I know is that I had a horrific sound and all the oil came gushing out. My question is: should I put another engine is this? "I see a lot of "8th digit VINS for letters and numbers that aren't mine. My 8th digit is 1. What does this mean? If I do decide to get an engine, any recommendation for a source?
old Focus owner

I have owned three the last 1 a 2017 Titanium all options which will be my last as the 2019 model is made in CHINA. I don't buy china whenever possible. I have put lots of miles on Focuses with never any real issues. I only use full synthetics mostly Ford or Amzoil ones and always buy new. I was going to order a 2019 but changed my mind and bought a new 2017 instead. Before I had a focus I bought escorts till production ended. My favorite of all was a 1984 Diesel Escort I bought new. Loved that little car for its 50mpg and tons of hill climbing power. Wish they would sell D engine cars in the USA, you UK owners are lucky
My first car in high school was a 51 Ford 2-door coupe. Back then I did most of the work on it, and seem to have leftover parts often. I could have saved Ford a bundle in production costs. Most recently, I bought a 2008 SE with 51K about a month ago. Very nice upgrade to my 2007 with 173k that I sold. I no longer do any of the maintenance.
Hello everybody my name is Allen from Kansas city Missouri . hope everyone is doing well .
Hello I don't know where to post a car for sale ? any help would be helpful thanks in advance .