Not much good to say about Ford Engineering.


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It has now been over 9 MONTHS since we encountered a problem with our Focus and Ford will not even talk to me, they keep blowing me off saying they can't engineer a fix. The joke has been Ford stands for Fix Or Repair Daily, the sad part is it is poorly engineered parts and firmware that causes people the most trouble, not the men and women making the cars & trucks.

I have a 2016 Ford Focus that has been a lemon, and I blame myself for not diving deeper into the reliability problems of the Focus. If I had I would have found that there was a class action lawsuit against Ford for bad clutches on 2012 thru 2016 Focus. First I had a remote starter that would not hold its settings for the heating and air conditioning (poor firmware engineering). This problem was reported to Ford weeks after we purchased the car, they had no clue how to fix it, a year later they found one. The clutch for the automatic transmission had to be replaced at 24K miles (poor mechanical engineering).

Now we have a radio that will not stay on the source setting that it was on when the car is turned off. If it is on Sirius XM when the car is turned off, when you start it again it defaults to AM or FM. Sad part is all was working well until a Ford firmware update then BANG! After replacing the radio twice, 6 visits to the dealership that is 40 miles and a loaner they gave us to drive for two weeks Ford is still clueless as to how to fix the problem. All I can say is make sure you dive deep when buying a Ford and hope nothing goes wrong because their engineering is not the greatest at finding fixes, in fact they are horrible! What is even worse, I have told Ford where to look for the problem because I found a workaround that works 100%, it just takes longer to start the car, think Ford has called me to check into it, hell no. So here I sit after 9 months and no end in sight to get this fixed.

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