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Hello all. First time posting. This may be a long post but please bear with me. I have a 2016 SE sedan with the 4 inch screen and 6 speakers. Last weekend I added a 4 channel amp and now I have noise and alternator whine. The noise gets a little louder when I step on the brakes or use the turn signals. Here is what I did - I used a CARAV harness between the CD player and the harness that plugs into it so that I could send signal to a 4 channel LOC. Then used 2 sets of RCAs from the LOC to the amp. Then speaker wire from the amp back to the CARAV harness. I used the same harness on a 2017 F150 and had the same noise. I ended up running the ground wire directly from the battery to the amp and grounded the CD player chassis to a metal brace behind the CD player. Noise went away.
On the Focus, I ran the ground wire directly from the battery to the amp to avoid having the same problem I had on my truck. No luck. Today I grounded the CD player directly to the battery also no luck. Also, I tapped into the fuse panel in the trunk for the remote turn on. I'm no expert but I have a fair amount of knowledge but I can't figure this out. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you fix it? For those that added a 4 channel amp and had no issues what did you use to send signal to the amp and not get noise? Any advise will be greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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