No crank, no start, no idea


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Bit of a nightmare going on so please be patient with me lots to explain. Iv been trying to get a 2002 1.4 focus back*running for the past week with no luck. Car was sitting up for about 4 weeks but worked fine before. Owner started car up to give it a run but said they heard a gurgling noise then when they went to drive car died.

When they then tried to restart there was no crank or noise at all just --------- on the clocks. Iv searched multiple forums about this and there where so many different things people were saying that could cause this.

What iv done so far, iv checked all fuses and relays. All good. Iv checked and cleaned*all ground cables. Getting 12v on all of them. Iv changed the clocks no difference. Iv checked power to pcm getting 12v there.

Iv spent hours pulling the car apart and cant find the issue. Any body have any ideas? Also when the ignition is on the immobiliser light just blinks as normal does not turn off and when i checked the clocks menu I got 2 codes dtc d262 and dtc 9202.

D262 Missing SCP message, ( Serial Communication Protocol ) check to see if the connectors are loose on the cable from the PCM to the cluster.

9202 Fuel sender open circuit , your fuel sender could be going out

check the Starter relay and check the Positive cable along the cable and see if the insulation has not bubbled or melted from too much current from trying to start

just a few ideas for you