New Supercharger for the Duratec


Glad to finally see the pictures. You should ask him to come to FF17 this year.[twothumb]
It hasnt been on the dyno yet

I will ask him to come to FF17 and see what he sais

I hope they'll be modded for 08 up too. =) tom you already tuned my 08, how much more would you charge for another tune if it were installed?


Tom, how easy would it be to retrofit this kit onto other generations? Looks like a few brackets and new intake tubing?
Wouldnt be hard at all , new mounting bracket and piping would be about it

A power steering pump would have to be added to the MK3 and the holes are there for it so going to do one for the MK3 as well , this SC can make full boost at about 2200 rpm and then set to go up in boost at different RPM and throttle positions , I have drove both of the Foci he has this on and I was impressed and you dont hear that from me about a Supercharger

Okay tom thank you. I can't wait for a production unit for sale.