Let's see those Autocrossing Foci!

Today went much better. Not many showed up due to chilly weather and possible rain/snow mix so runs went super fast.

Today I finished third in Overall PAX, 9th Overall in RAW time and 3rd in GS. I alreadys see areas where I braked too soon or carried speed in bad ways plus a few bad apex's.

Pics from this weekend at Zmax.

Friday Day 1, finished 7 of 11 in class, mid pack in my heat and mid pack overall. Very happy for my first national event.

In route with my car loaded up with gear:

Decaled/magneted up with the required things for the tour and contigency programs in the paddock:

In grid between runs:

Action shot by Tradd Slayton. Hoping he has a few more so I could buy a few from him.

Saturday, challenge day which was 3 morning runs in each of the 4 heats. the top 16 in PAX Index for each heat moved forward. I wasn't one unfortunately.

Getting prepped in the cold 39F morning:

Keeping Warm in grid:

Getting ready for Run #1 in heat #2:

First national event done. Zmax match tour was a great success. Well, I didn't win but I also wasn't DFL so I'm happy. I had a blast.

Fastest Run of the weekend was on the challenge day Saturday.

More Pictures taken by Tradd's Photos. Don't mind the dirt, I didn't feel like washing my car.

From this weekend running with ETRSCCA at Bristol. 17th in PAX 37th in RAW and that was with a cone. I was really trying to push the car to see what I could make it do with the new rear bar. Got beat by my Co-driver by 1.5 seconds but he's a lot more experienced than I am. Next week we're running match tour at Pitt Race in my car for fun.

Video From Last Weekend

Saturday CrossTrial (ProSolo Type Event)

Sunday Points Event Fastest Run 1st in GS:
Well I haven't updated this in ages. Went to Nationals, got my butt kicked in GS but had fun anyway.

Pictures From Nats:
Tuesday West Course

Wednesday East:

Tuesday East

Wednesday West:


Wow Brett, those videos and photos look amazing!
My last event of the year.

Ended up 3rd in class, 25th in PAX. 46th in raw out of 119 drivers. Pretty happy overall.

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Well ended up doing another event this year. Someone offered to pay for fuel and entry if I let them co-drive my car so I said sure.

Placed second in GS, 37th in Pax & 78th in Raw out of 177 drivers. Pretty happy with the results. Co-driver got edged out of 3rd place by a few hundredths and coned away a second place finish.

My Fastest Run:

Codriver's Fastest Run:

T&B Comparison of Runs:
First event this season was a success.

1st in GS, 4th in pax, 9th in raw.

Did a Track Sprint that was pretty much an autocross style event but on VIR's Patriot Road Course. This was my first time ever being on a track outside of riding with other people and it was very fun.

Unfortunately, I suffured some, "I have not idea what to do with my hands" and also "oh yeah, i need to downshift because this isn't a little autocross course".

Also, my camera died by my final runs where I was finally figuring out what I needed to do to be faster and closer to being on the racing line.

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This weekends event and my last one for a bit. Saturday Took the class win Sunday placed second. was in the the top third in PAX both days. Saturday I was in the Top Third in RAW and Sunday Top Half in Raw.

Was very wet in the morning on Sat so I am pretty happy with how things went.