Headlamp damage

Hi All. I purchased a damaged 2014 Ford Focus 1.6 EcoBoost Navigator x with front end damage at auction and had it rebuilt. Unfortunately was recommended the world's slowest mechanic and have been left with some issues. One of which is I had to replace both xenon headlamp units which I bought from eBay. They weren't actually fitted for over 9 months and when I got the car I was getting a warning of a bulb being out and a bulb looked a little dim. Ordered a replacement bulb and went to fit to find nothing was wrong with the original bulb it was simply sat out of position pointing down. The bracket that the bulb sits in looks to be damaged (melted?). Unfortunately having had said part for so long I couldn't contest with the seller.

I'm wondering/hoping - can you get replacement for inner components or will I need a full new light unit?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Damn I hate sellers that sell junk. Looks like you might have to buy a new housing as you won't be able to buy that part alone.