Goosebumps come standard with the Ford Focus ST


There are quicker hot hatches in the local market but few brings goosebumps, punchy performance and exceptional handling as standard. I reviewed the Ford Focus ST and can confirm that the car brings more for the daily driving requirement and weekend fun.

From your position in the driver's seat, you can fully enjoy the thrilling sound of the Focus ST's engine. That's because it has a specially tuned sound symposer, which increases the sound you hear in the exhaust pipes when you accelerate hard. The sound level is controlled so you'll hear a sporty engine noise when you put your foot down, but enjoy a quite cabin the rest of the time.

I must say that the Ford Focus ST is up against some tougher rivalry in the hot hatch space. The Renault Megane delivers a superlative blend of performance and very low fuel consumption, with technology derived directly from Renault's legendary F1 engines. The Golf GTi has positioned itself as the reputable hatch of choice for everyday comfort and racetrack performance.

But what I like about the Ford Focus ST is the satisfaction it brings to those who demand an adrenaline-charged driving experience. The powertrain, suspension, steering and electronic control systems deliver a sophisticated balance of uncompromising performance, dynamic agility and refinement.

For maximum grip around corners, the state-of-the-art torque vectoring control system reacts to the road surface 100 times per second. It repeatedly balances the amount of power and braking delivered to each of the two front wheels to maximise grip and sharpen handling, powering you around corners and over undulations in the road.

The stiffened front and rear suspensions deliver outstanding agility and improved grip. The handling feels ultra-sharp and precise, but without compromising comfort. All in all, you'll enjoy a fun, exciting drive, while remaining in absolute control of the car.

The racing-inspired sporty aluminium pedals and the engine's throaty acoustic piped into the cabin gives the Focus ST as sporty look - inside as out.

Stepping inside, the racing seats provide excellent shoulder and torso support, and are ergonomically designed for the high-performance driver. It features a striking instrument console with red needle pointers and sport gauges that monitor turbo boost, oil pressure and oil temperature. With Ford SYNC voice control, you can control your music and make and take calls on your mobile, using simple, direct voice commands. SYNC will even read out loud the text messages sent to your mobile. Which means you can focus all your attention on the road.

On the outside, everything about the Focus ST's exterior gives visual clues about its performance. This include the oversized front grille, unique side skirts and strikingly shaped central dual exhaust. It also features the Bi-Xenon headlamps that detects different road conditions and selects the appropriate beam pattern for enhanced illumination.
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