Ford Readying Hotter Focus RS500


A new report from Motor magazine of Australia that Ford Performance is considering a more potent Focus RS that could possibly wear the RS500 badge. According to the magazine’s insiders, the hardcore hot hatch could get even more serious with upgraded drivetrain components, slashed weight, and improved grip capability. However, if you were expecting more power, you might be out of luck–the 2.3-liter turbo-four may not receive a bump in output, given it’s already near its limits. On top of that, there isn’t enough room in the Focus RS’ engine bay to add more cooling capacity.

Last year, it was reported that the Ford Focus RS could gain a hotter variant steered toward improving performance through better tires, weight reduction, a more aggressive suspension calibration, carbon-ceramic brakes, removing the rear seats, and switching the standard six-speed manual gearbox in favor of a dual-clutch unit. Motor magazine’s report indicates that the Focus RS500 could include a new bumper that would allow Ford Performance to add cooling capacity to accommodate additional power.

An electronic limited-slip differential could also be added to improve handling. Removing sound deadening materials, and using carbon fiber and/or aluminum components for the suspension and body could possibly cut 220 pounds from the car’s curb weight even with the additional drivetrain components added, says Motor. The Ford Focus RS500 will target the current crop of hyper hatches including the Mercedes-AMG A45 and Audi RS 3, both of which aren’t sold in the U.S. Unlike the standard Focus RS, which comes only with a six-speed manual, the RS500 may ditch that in favor of a dual-clutch unit that will likely come from Getrag and tuned to handle higher torque levels. The RS’ optional 19-inch alloy wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires may also come standard on the Focus RS500.

Text Source: Motor Trend