Ford Focus RS police car goes on test


Could the Focus RS be the next-generation police traffic car? Ford has lent one to the Police for evaluation, just like the RS200 in 1986.

Whether the chased or chaser, Fords have never strayed too far from police pursuits. Transit vans famously evaded 'the rozzers' throughout the '70s, while Capris, Granadas and Sierra Cosworth Sapphires have since been employed by law enforcement to great effect. The UK police force have turned to Dagenham once again to explore the suitability of the Ford Focus RS.

As if the hyperhatch needed anymore publicity, the RS is being put to the test by traffic police patrols covering the length and breadth of the UK to rein speeders in. Packing 345bhp, courtesy of a turbocharged, 2.3-litre four-pot engine, no matter what the conditions the four-wheel-drive Focus could become a useful tool in the police arsenal.

While the UK police fleet is majority populated by Ford vehicles, no Focus RS has previously made the cut. Thirty years ago the rally derived, rabid RS200 was trialled, during what was a fantastic publicity stunt. It failed to make the cut, despite its staggering performance allowing it sprint to 60mph from still in under five seconds.

The Focus RS though rights the wrongs of the RS200, a second row of seats means those caught absconding can be escorted back to the station. Regular practicalities such as bluetooth, air-con and cruise control will make motorway patrols a much more comfortable experience.

Ford has recreated the original publicity photo with the new RS, which has been photographed in the same location as the original 1986 RS200 shot.

If it is deemed fit for police service - limited-production numbers mean only a few examples would don the famous blue and yellow, battenburg livery. Few then will have to worry about the blues and twos of a Focus RS filing their rear-view mirror flagging them down.

Text Source: Ford Performance


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I don't want them to be police cars because then I'll think everyone of them are cop cars and it just won't be good.

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