Ford Focus RS & Mustang waiting list stretches well in to 2017


You have to wonder if the new Ford Focus RS has over-delivered with its 345bhp, four-wheel drive, drift mode and starting price of around £30,000, because it’s starting to look like it will soon be sold out, and waiting lists for the cars left to sell in the UK stretch for almost a year.

We’re assuming that Ford are intent on sticking to their plan of selling just 4,000 Focus RS in the UK, and with orders now up around 3,500 that means there are only around 500 cars up for grabs.

But if you talk to your local Ford RS dealer today, you’re likely to be told you won’t get your car for a year (and maybe more) as orders have been coming in at twice the rate Ford expected (based on the previous generation RS), and appealing though the RS is, that long waiting list is enough to dissuade even the most ardent RS fan from putting in their order.

But despite the demand, there is still a way to grab an RS is quick sticks, and without breaking the bank.

Even a car as in demand as the Focus RS is subject to cancelled orders, and if you hunt carefully there are cars to be had.

In the last month we’ve been sent emails detailing a number of cancelled order cars which are physical and available, with only an extra £500 or so to pay. We’ve also been offered a fair number of speccable build slots too for a similar ‘premium’.

A similar situation applies to the new Mustang, with the current waiting list extending to around six months. But early availability is even better for the Mustang.

Just this week we’ve been sent a list of more than 20 Mustangs – Fastback, Convertible, V8 and EcoBoost – all at list price or just a few hundred pounds extra. Which is a small price to pay for delivery now, not at the end of the year (or in to 2017).

So the answer to the question “Do I have to wait a year for a Ford Focus RS or Mustang” is no, not if you spend a bit of time hunting around the interwebs and making a few phone calls.

Which has to be better than spending the next year endlessly phoning your Ford dealer to vent your spleen.