Finally rolled into the 21st Century with a Focus

Hi All!
New here. New Focus owner. By new Focus I mean slightly used. 2016 with 13k on the clock. Shadow Black. Will have tinted windows as of this weekend. Other than that, all stock.
I also own a 1978 Ford F250 and 1999 Lincoln Continental. Neither of which have working air conditioning. Hence, the Focus.

I really like the car so far. Made sure I got one with the 5spd manual. Best way to drive a small little 4banger anyway. It's a good, honest, simple car (simple as they seem to come these days anyway). And I expect, like all my cars, I'll have it for a good long while.

The only aspect I'm not super thrilled with at the moment is the little 15" steel wheels and hubcaps. The only question I have at the moment (and feel free to direct me to a different section of the forum if need be) is if 16 and 17" wheels from higher trim level Foci(?) will fit on mine without issue. I ask because I'm eyeballing a sweet set of practically new 17's I found on the local craigslist. From what I've been able to find online, the 17" are an inch wider and have a slightly different offset than the 15's. Will that cause any issues with turning radius, or mounting on the back (since the S has drum brakes in the rear)?

Thanks in advance!
I'll post pics when I get the chance.
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