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Expanding my Search for Focus Wagon


New Member
United States
What I Drive
1996 Ford Escort Wagon
Hi Forum,
I posted Intro a week or so ago when looking at advertised 2007 wagon with 5 spd, but it turned out to be a 2003 and really had my heart set on 2007 with Duratec.
It seems the car is still for sale, at least the ad is still posted. Can someone please give me an actual experienced mpg of the 2003? My '96 Escort is getting 32-35 and currently doing well with its 4th ('94 this time) engine, but forever have the threat of dropped valve seats hovering in the background. I am a fairly conservative driver, maybe not always egg under the gas pedal style but quite conscious of how am impacting fuel usage. The 2003 wagon was a comfortable fit, not much adjustment from the Escort and I think could adapt. But keeping in the mid 30s for mpg (or better if possible) is a good part of decision, so would much appreciate that and any other info on a 2003 manual wagon I should be considering. I like the timing chain on 2007 vs timing belt, but know the 2003 has pistons with recesses so valves do not hit if timing belt breaks... and no valve seats dropping in either engine.
Thanks much
Linda B