Brand New ST with Stuttering Acceleration

Forgive me if this is a topic that's been discussed - I tried searching and couldn't find anything related...

I have had my 2017 Focus ST for less than a month now - it still has less than 600 miles on it. I've been driving it fine and had no issues until this morning. When I accelerated, most notably in 2nd gear, the transmission (??) stuttered and jerked very hard several times. It almost felt like it wasn't catching and was going to stall. I was driving it like I always do - not riding the clutch, accelerating smoothly (not flooring it). I have only used premium (93) unleaded gas to fill it. I've noticed an odd smell in the cabin a few times, too, - almost smells like exhaust fumes.

Is this a common problem with new ST's? I've been reading online and have heard about similar issues with older Focus' with the DCT problem, but couldn't find anything talking about newer ST's having this problem. Obviously, my car's still under warranty, and I will bring it in if this problem continues. I was just trying to get an idea if this is something others have had?



Hi and welcome! I'm not too far from you here in Austin. There were some issues with the map sensor which caused sputtering on the early Focus ST models, but I haven't seen/read that issue happening on the newer models.

Does it happen all the time or was this the first time? Either way it wouldn't hurt to bring it into the dealer.
Hi Tom: Thanks for your response. It got worse and totally died last night. I went to drive my son to a party just down the street (thankfully). It started jerking violently any time it was in gear, any gear, whether or not I touched the accelerator. Then it completely shut down and a light came on the dash saying "engine failure - service immediately." I was able to start it back up and nurse it back home. It can't be driven, obviously, so I will call the Ford Roadside Assistance number this morning and have them come tow it to the nearest dealer. Totally bummed. :(


Sorry to hear about that, especially on a brand new ST. Hopefully they can give you a free loaner while its in the shop. I usually take mine to Leif Johnson Ford and always get a free loaner while its in for warranty work. Keep us posted on what they find out.
I called Maxwell Ford, where I bought it, this morning. They said I could have it towed to a Ford dealer closer to me, so I chose Mac Haik on the border of Round Rock and Georgetown (mainly because the closest Ford dealer - Covert Ford in Hutto - has a terrible reputation). I called Mac Haik to warn them it was coming, just like Maxwell Ford and the Roadside Assistance person told me to. Mac Haik said they don't offer loaners and didn't sound too pleased to be receiving my car. Fingers crossed that this is a one-time fluke and nothing goes wrong with the car for a long time now. I just sold my Volvo I'd had for 7 years to buy this car, and that car never had anything wrong with it...