auto switchback drl's


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hi new hear I have a 2008 focus zetec duratec.HE. I have installed drl's however they are supposed to be auto switchback from white to amber when the indicators / hazards are used. there are 3 wires red black and yellow on the guide for install it says to join the red with red and black with black then splice off the red to fuel pump relay and the black to ground then the yellows each to the indicator wire in the headlight unit harness I have done this and they will not switch with the indicators they stay white . I have wired the reds to the ignition switch and the blacks to ground so they come on with the ignition and off when its off I'm not using a module or controller for them as they are automatic my question finally is have I wired them correctly and they are faulty or have I wired them up wrong for example do each light need to be wired through a relay or controller of some sort? I bought them cause they were easy install but its not the case I might be being stupid however I really want them to work as there supposed to thanks in advance for any help

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