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Ambient Lighting Issues.

United Kingdom
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Ford Focus
My car is the 2013 Titanium X, fitted with an Interior Ambient Light pack.

My kids love these lights. But for some reason, they have stopped coming on. I know they work by a sensor, so only come on at night with the automatic headlight feature. But I've checked that the lights still come on, they do. I've checked the interior lighting and they still work so it cannot be a fuse. This is seriously puzzling me.

The ambient lights are the multi coloured lights that light up the footwell, door pockets and cup holders.

Ive checked the switches, they still do not come on.

Please help so I can make my kids happy.

Thank you.
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2013 Focus SE and 2015 Focus H/B
Controlling those lights drives me nuts sometimes. If you got three wrong button they stop working and you have top figure the right combination to make them work again. I'm sure you have done ashl off this, but make sure your auto lights is on, make sure your dimmer isn't all the way down, make sure they are activated on your settings. I know some had to replace the ambient light knob/ switch to get them to work again. My daughter had it all figured out, so sorry for not being more helpful. If ashl the other lights are working, it should not be the fuse or lights themselves.

Good luck.
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