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AC clutch relay bypass for Ford Focus 2014


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United States
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Ford Focus 2014
Hi y'all,
I have a 2014 Ford Focus and the ac compressor stopped working so it has been blowing hot air. I replaced the AC compressor and condenser today and then vacuumed my AC system. When I turned on my car, the low side pressure went up pretty quickly after just a little bit of freon charged in. AC compressor not activated at all.
Does anyone who which pins I should try to engage at the fuse box to bypass the AC clutch. There are 1,2,3, and 5 but I haven't been able to find which pins I should link together. I tried randomly with paper clips after youtubing but that didn't work to engage AC clutch.
I also think this might be an electrical issue as well. Does anyone have some experience with it? I would love some insights.
Going to try tackling this again tomorrow. My plan tomorrow is replacing the expansion valve - also there's no tutorial on youtube for that. Any suggestion is very welcome. And messing around some more with the clutch relay and the connection between the AC compressor and car. That connection is def a little flimsy.
Thanks for your help and suggestions to my questions!