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2007 2.0 very rough idle


New Member
Hey guys new member here.
I picked up a 2007 focus S 2.0 sedan (auto) about a year and half ago.

Currently has 171,000 on it. I've put around 15,000 miles on it within the last year. It had a bit of a rough idle when I got the car but over the past few months the idle has become very very rough on it. Not where I think it is going to stall or anything but just very rough. Causing the dashboard, anything in the door, cup holders, you name it to rattle, vibrate, and shake. It seems a bit worse when I first start it but even when its warmed up it is still bad. Its a bit shaky when first accelerating too but after like 5 mph it is smooth. I drive an hour every day to school 45 minutes highway. I replaced the plugs and coils just a few months ago with motor craft. The exhaust system is in good shape no leaks or anything. Just put a new resonator on 2 months ago. I was thinking about changing the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC) maybe that will help, but the more research I do it seems like these cars are known to have the motor mounts fail. So figured I'd get some input from you guys. Also it seems to be a bit worse when in park or neutral but not that much of a difference.


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