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Introducing me and my girl, Hazel


New Member
United States
What I Drive
2005 Focus ZX4
This is my “ride til one of us dies” car, aka Hazel. She’s my 2005 ZX4, I’ve had her since 2006, currently 202,500 or so on the odometer and parked waiting for me to replace the bumper cover, splash guard and right fender cover. I’m not handy, but I can do some things like basic maintenance. I’ve watched a few videos with differing approaches on how to swap out the cover (one involved removing headlights, the other involved removing air intake) and my brother-in-law/weekend mechanic is busy enough that I’d like to do this one myself. (He thinks I can, or he’s too tired to protest). Any seasoned advice on this? I can get drive-on ramps and chucks to give me a little more room underneath and since this photo, I’ve removed the splashguard. I’m leaning towards the headlights/sidelights/fog lamps removal method, I am intimidated by the idea of messing with the intake honestly. 2021 gave me the new role as single parent so this mama is trying to keep Hazel and my 2003 Windstar (the Black Pearl) going for a few more years until I can purchase a vehicle outright again. Thanks in advance and for having me and my zombie car!