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2012 Ford Fiesta Key Stuck in Ignition and Engine not Turning over


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Fort Pierce
United States
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2012 Ford Fiesta
Hey everyone,

I recently got a 2012 ford fiesta that is showing not in park on the display and will not release the key from the ignition as well as the engine not turning over anymore.
First I replaced it with a new battery and replaced fuse relays and also noticed (in the pic) there’s a plastic component that was jammed/crumbled up inside of the shifter area. After I pulled that out put it into park the engine turned over. Turned it off to see if I can get the key out, and then the message popped up again that vehicle isn’t being recognized that it’s in park and I also was unable to start it up again.

if anyone can please point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated, really trying to figure this one out on my own.